Top Hockey Products for a Top Match

Top Hockey Products for a Top Match September 12, 2019 – Posted in: General

Hockey season has come around again, so there’s no better time than now to find yourself the best equipment to allow you to play your best game. At Big 5, we stock a wide range of hockey equipment so there’s certainly something for everyone regardless of whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro. Here’s a rundown of our top picks from this season’s selection… 

First up we have the stick. Unsurprisingly, the most important thing you’re going to need whilst playing hockey. There’s a lot to consider when selecting your stick; Lighter sticks are typically designed for players in attack, with heavier weights typically for those in defensive positions. When it comes to brand, it’s often down to personal preference but it’s always useful to have some guidance. One of our favourite sticks is the Grays GR 11000, due to its high power-rating balanced with excellent control, as well as a low bow with contoured face and thick reverse edge, with graphene added to its GX composition for extra power and durability. 


Black and Yellow Hockey Stick

Next on the list comes the all-important shin guard, as nobody wants a ball to the shins or ankle mid-game. Stay safe out there with the correct protection. Hockey shin guards are thicker from more padding than those used in football due to a smaller size of the ball. These shin guards from Kookaburra are lightweight and strong, made with ergonomic lightweight PVC and have a foam-lined backing for added comfort. The asymmetric design is there to improve impact resistance and comes in a range of colours!

Multi coloured shin pads

Now that you have your stick and your shin guards you need the next vital piece of equipment: shoes. During your hockey match, you will be running in short bursts covering a short distance but must be agile and able to change direction very quickly. The shoes you choose should give you confidence that they will provide protection, comfort and stability during the match. The cleats on hockey shoes are absolutely vital to your agility, precision and speed. Over the course of the season, your shoes are going to go through a lot so you need something you can rely on. Below are the Xenon shoes from Kookaburra, available in senior and junior sizes. The modified ‘cage’ technology offers essential mid-foot support and has latex covered durable upper for added water resistance and durability, as well as an advanced EVA mid sole for shock absorption. 

Blue Hockey Trainers

Having the right protection during your match is really important. As quite an intense sport with flying balls and swinging sticks, hockey players can often be at risk of injury. Avoid any dental injuries and invest in a mouthguard, which are simple yet effective and crucial at all levels.

Coloured Gum Guards

Finally, you need something to put your new kit in. At Big 5 we offer a wide range of hockey bags from industry favourite brands, including these featherweight to heavyweight bags from Gryphon. The Slim Jim is your simple hockey stick bag with space for two sticks and features a small pocket for personal items. For something from the middle ground, there’s Middle Mike which can store up to 26 litres. Fit all the important stuff; sticks, shoes, shin guards and personal items. Gryphon’s Fat Tony is one of the most efficient goalkeeping bags that we proudly stock, offering a huge 235 litre capacity. This bag is easy to pull around with a telescopic handle and sturdy wheels. It’s certainly a heavy-duty and versatile bag.

Hockey bags
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